Empire Gymnastics Competitive Gymnastics Team

We have two types of competitive gymnastics teams at Empire Gymnastics Training Center. One team is the Xcel Program, the other is a more intense program through USAG. Below is a detailed definition of each program.

Xcel Program:
The Xcel Gymnastics Program and Competitions are sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. There are currently 5 levels in the Xcel Program; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. The routines are based off of requirements that have been set, however these requirements are filled based on the athletes individual strengths. This program is great for the older gymnast or those that want less of a time commitment in the gym.

USAG Program:
Levels 2-5 are Compulsory Gymnasts. All gymnasts in these levels perform the same routines set by the USA Gymnastics Committee. Levels 6-10 are Optional Gymnasts. These levels have more variety in the individual routines but they still have set skills they are required to do. The skill difficulty increases along with each level. The USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program (in which we are a member of) sets the guidelines for each level. In order to move up a level they must first perfect each skill in that level. The USAG path way requires more hours and more dedication because it is geared toward fierce competition.

Both programs are invite only.