Empire Gymnastics Classes & Programs

Parent & Tot Gymnastics

Ages Walking-3
Our classes cater to your youngest gymnasts. This 45 minute class is for your toddler and you: Mommy, Daddy, Babysitter, etc. You and your child will participate in innovative, fun-filled obstacle courses that teach the basic gymnastics elements

– swinging, climbing, running, jumping, and other motor development activities. Many props including balls, hoops, and ribbons may be used as well as trampolines to enhance your toddler’s coordination and enjoyment.
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Preschool Gymnastics

Ages 3-5
Our class is designed for the active preschooler. Your child will begin to learn basic gymnastics skills on the balance beam, bars, vault and floor. Your child will enjoy our trampoline and Tumble Trak as part of their skill development.

This class offers much attention and praise as your child is safely led through an array of exciting activities to begin his/her gymnastics experience.
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Girls & Boys Gymnastics, Ninja and Tumbling

Beginner Gymnastics Lexington SC

Girls Gymnastics

Ages 5-9, 10+
This 60 minute class offers your child an exciting time to practice all four Olympic events as well as train on our Tumble Trak. Your child will have a blast improving their strength, flexibility, confidence, and self-esteem through the practice of gymnastics.

Boys Gymnastics Lexington SC

Boys Gymnastics

Ages 5-18
Students will work on the basic skills of gymnastics on each apparatus. They will work on perfecting their rolls, handstands, bridges, and cartwheels on floor; casting and pullovers on bars and rings; mounting and dismounting on parallel bars; and basic vaulting.

They will also work on developing strength and flexibility needed to further develop their skills.
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Ninja Warrior Classes Lexington SC


Ages 5-18
Our Ninjas will learn how to become ninja warriors through strength and obstacle training. We incorporate the basics of gymnastics to teach them proper ways to run, jump, swing, hang, have good balance and agility, along with goal-setting skills.

Tumbling Classes Lexington SC


Ages 5-18
Your child will receive detailed instruction on tumbling skills while utilizing our floor, trampoline and tumble trak.

There will be a progression of skills to learn by focusing on gaining strength, coordination and flexibility in order to attain and master these tumbling skills all in a safe and fun environment.
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